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Why does it always happen to me?

Sometimes plants prod back...





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[15 Jul 2015|09:55pm]
I'm pretty sure the last plant I re-potted tried to eat me. That's really not a fair thing for a plant to do.

Also, can it be summer all the time? I mean, I like watching Ginny run around mostly naked.

[28 Apr 2015|12:08am]
I am just here to say that I, Neville Longbottom, am a bore who likes plants too much.

I am also a shy, innocent virgin.

Go back to your regularly scheduled programs now.

[12 Dec 2014|05:43am]
So, for those that I haven't met yet, and who are wondering 'who is that weird British bloke who's hanging around Ginny?', I figured I'd do well to finally introduce myself. I'm Neville Longbottom, and I was in the same house as Ginny back in school, and mates with a lot of people she knew (along with her, of course). I had no idea she was here, so I'm chuffed to have found her again, and a lot of my time for a bit will probably be sitting around with her. Feel free to disturb us, since I hate to take away time she should be doing other things.

I'm particularly good with plants, so if there are any you're wondering about around here, feel free to prod at me for probable answers. Just don't prod the plants, because some of them will prod back. You think I'm kidding. I had a Mimbulus Mimbletonia once that loved to shoot out stinksap at people. At least it wasn't a Venomous Tentacula. Don't even get me started.

Some of you may have noticed the asparagus that appeared in your stores of food, or may have seen me poking around the fence outside on Monday, I was actually looking at the plants that are local to your Compound, and found it, so I brought some in with me. It would have been with the rest of the food Monday night, but I was trapped by a wild ginge and couldn't get free until Tuesday.

(Also, if she tells you I was chubby and buck-toothed when I was a child, she is lying.)

(Okay, she's not. It's amazing what a few years and a great deal of permanent potions can do for a man)

(I'm done now.)

[09 Dec 2014|03:24pm]
WHO: Neville and Ginny
WHAT: Nev arrives and learns an old friend is here!
WHEN: Just after the time mission
WHERE: At the gate, and inside
WARNINGS: lots of hugging! And... asparagus. (i.e. probably none)

He'd been walking for weeks, eking out miles in fits and starts )

[08 Dec 2014|07:36pm]

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